Friday, March 28, 2008

The table is set!

Isnt' that a nice phrase..."the table is set" It means the food is about to brought to the table to be enjoyed by all. I remember growing mom would usually set a nice table with colorful placemats and napkins. Mom always used some pretty dishes. and would find some colorful flowers to use for the centerpiece. It didn't have to be extravagant ...just some flowers from the backyard or a green plant from inside the was just something to finish off the table. Looking at the table all set meant that dinner or breakfast was about to start! Eating together as a family was a part of our daily life. As we grew, mom would have either me or my brother set the table. Later on in life after my little sister was born, she also had the chance to set the table daily as well. Sitting around the table at the end of the day was nice way to hear about everyone's day. In my own home I have carried on that may not happen every night but I do try to make it happen most nights. What about you and your family?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

MacKenzie-Childs Cake stands

Don't you just love these cake stands by MacKenzie-Childs!! I have always had a fondness for this line of pottery. I love the colors, patterns and childlike playfulness this line of pottery has. I don't own any of these dishes but one day I hope to have a few pieces. They are a little on the pricey side but with all the work that goes into them I think they are worth it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My cute daughter and I were together over Easter break and we decided to play with a few things from her cupboards. We used this adorable large European square pillow case as a table cloth on her table...... We wanted to highlight the blue in the tablecloth so we scrounged around her house looking for some blue fabric and found some that worked perfectly! We then turned the fabric into some cute napkins! The woven placemats that she had added a nice texture. We also used her beautiful white dishes from Williams Sonoma and a clear glass wine goblet. This proves that you can use what you have in the house without going to the store and spending money to create a lovely table! Just be creative and use things you wouldn't normally think of the pillow case for a tablecloth! We really want to hear from you....please send us ideas and photos of things that have worked for you in setting a nice table.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How I love black and white plates!

I just love using black and white plates because they are so versatile! Tonight I used my black and white dishes that have black words all around the edges with some beautiful black and white toile salad plates (that the hubs bought me for Valentines day..Yea he is amazing!) then I set them all a top a very large yellow plate that used as a charger. I have all the plates sitting upon a textured dark dark brown placemat and it really looks nice.

I experimented a little bit with a few other ideas as you can see in the photos.

I just love using large white napkins rolled up and pushed through a cute napkin ring holder. This one is made of metal and has silverware criss-crossed..soo cute!

In this photo I used some lime green salad plates that I bought last year at the after Christmas sales from Pier 1 imports! I really love to play with fun colors and different glasses. Here I used a plain glass water goblet.

Here is our dinner table all set ready to go. Check out my other blog at

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sitting down to dinner with friends and family!

I love entertaining...whether it is for family, friends, large gatherings or a quiet romantic dinner for my husband and I. For me it is all about setting the table to make everyone feel just a little bit special. I am a plate freak!! I love all kinds especially the small salad/dessert plates because they are usually inexpensive and there are soooo many cute ones to choose from that really make a difference for your table setting! Cloth napkins...don't get me started on that....I can never have enough. My favorite are usually very large, solid and pure white stiff cotton fabric so that when you fold them...they stay in the shape you want...but I do have many in all different colors. Tablecloths....I actually don't have a ton of those but I would like to add to my collection! Silverware and goblets are another fav of mine. I do have some gold goblets, clear goblets and clear bubble glass goblets, and some large open goblets that are really fun to serve dessert in. I think I would like to get some pink goblets and maybe some cute martini glasses with a squiggly stem (even though we don't drink alcohol they are just so pretty). I also really enjoy using charger plates! I have a lot of gold ones and some deep cranberry red ones that look so nice with just plain white dishes on them! This blog will be dedicated to things beyond the regular dinner table. I will share fun ideas for centerpieces, tablecloth creativity using different fabrics, unique centerpiece ideas and tons more. If you have ideas that you can share please email me at and we can post your ideas here too!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I came across these really unique plates by Kate Spade
" Gwinnett Lane Creme" A collection that is whimsical and refined.

I love the colors! You can find these at Macy's department store.