Saturday, August 9, 2008

Red White and blue party Ideas

This idea can be used for many celebrations! I found this photo in a book called Celebrating Home and my immediate thought was of course 4th of July!!
but after looking more at the photo and seeing the cute tricycle I thought of a baby shower for a little boy! How cute would this be for the All-American baby boy. Everything in red, white and blue, the tricycle, flags, etc.. Did you notice that there in the clear vase is old poker chips in red white and blue. It just adds to the table. You could have red, white and blue refreshments and of course watermelon. Your invites could also take on the theme.
Or about for a birthday party for your dad or grandfather especially if they happend to serve our country in any way, Memorial day celebration, Flag day, Labor Day, Celebration for the return of any service people, how about an anniversary party for the all-american couple, or throw a party just because you love our country and red white and blue!
Notice how they used dish towels for placemats, non matching blue glasses, white plates, mismatched old chairs and hanging in the windows are star cut-outs attached to red and blue ribbons. Cheap and yet it all comes together and looks fab! Share other celebrations that might work for this theme.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cute Napkin Folds

Tanya over at Sunday Baker blog has some cute ideas for folding napkins. I love the fish and the angel wings. Look at the cute book called napkin origami that she highlighted as well.

Tanya also has a ton of yummy recipes on her blog as well. Make sure you hop on over there and check out her blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chalkboard napkin rings!

How cool is this! Chalkboard napkin rings .....placesetting name tag and napkin ring in one! I found these online at MoMa Store (click on the name) They are pricey at $65.00 for a set of four! But why not make some yourself. Paint the chalkboard paint on some wooden napkin rings that you already own and Voila! You are good to go.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summertime Dining outdoors

These are some photos I got from Sur La Table and Pottery Barn. I love the dining table at the bottom with all the glass candle holders hanging overhead. I think I will do this next month and have it be like fireflies are dancing above our heads while eating outside.

Modern Country Dining Rooms

DINING ROOMS! I love them. They are the place where the family gathers for those special meals when the "nice" dishes come out of the closet. It is also the place where we bring our guests to make them feel special. I love putting fresh flowers on the table,I like to use chargers with a nice dinner plate and sometimes a salad plate or soup bowl. A freshly laundered pressed napkin (if I have the time to iron them) with a some sort of special touch...a ribbon, a flower or just a fun napkin ring.
In this room the big bold green buffalo check on the chairs makes me think of dining in the garden especially when you look up and see that amazing chandelier. How fun to put a bench against the wall to use it like a sideboard with plants and baskets on it. How about the artwork? I kind of like it. It is bold and yet fun at the same time.

How about this green door and chairs with a simple farm table. The chandelier is what really makes this room pop..dont' you think? Don't we ALL appreciate attention to detail when we dine out at a nice restaurant? Well who are the most important people in our life?.....our own family. So why not make time to make them feel special during the week....for no reason at all. I hope some of these photos that I have collected through the years from magazines will inspire you to do something out of the ordinary for your family this week.
I think this room (to the right)looks so French...the soft green colors of the peeled paint table and cupboard. They used my favorite kind of slip cover a little skirt (it looks so feminine and flirty).

I love the white sideboard table with the urns and large glass bowls holding silver balls. Look how they changed up the ratan chairs by adding a white cloth over each chair back. And Hello...look at the chandelier made to look like a nest using grapevines and then adding pearls! How funky is that!

Please let us know if any of these photos inspires anyone of you to do something out of the ordinary in your dining room by leaving us a comment or two.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Add Color To Your Table Setting

My daughter Madeline and I start off with a simple placesetting: I used a cute beachy plastic dessert/salad plate (from Big Lots 4 for $4.99) stacked on top of a square white plate placed on an angle and then stacked on top of a large yellow plate used as a charger plate. It's o.k..... but it is just not popping for me so on to the next photo so you can see what we continue to add to make this really look great.
We have added a punch of color by using a plastic hot pink goblet with a little paper umbrella in it and we have taken the plain white napkin and put a silk flower around it for a napkin ring. I cut the flower off the long stem but left about 5 or 6 inches so I could bend it into a circle to wrap around the napkin.

More color!! I found some amazing blue tissue paper laying around the house and we decided to make a table runner from it!! We also set the other placesetting across from it and used an orange colored plastic goblet for fun. Just by adding a few simple colorful accessories, the table top now pops and it looks like a celebration is just about to happen. Have fun, be creative, try new things to make your dinner table come alive.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Use what you have to set the table

My daughter, Madeline and I got out lots of my dishes, napkins, tablecloths and fabrics and played around with them to come up with many different options of how to set the table. Madeline is a photographer and took many photos of the settings so you can see what what we did.Here is black and white plates on a white table cloth with a black fabric runner going down the center of the table. A red napkin folded in what is called the "The bird of paradise fold" with a fresh white daisy in the middle of it. We also used an old clock for the centerpiece. Use interesting things that you would not normally use.

Same placesetting only
we folded the

napkin into a "fan" and
once again used the white daisy.

Using the black and white plates but putting them on dark placemat and using a white napkin with a napkin ring, it looks more formal now.

Finally we put a large yellow dinner plate underneath the black and white plate and used a printed napkin and folded it into the "rose" look and put a small radish in the middle.

We will be posting more of our ideas on our other blog at

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Napkin Folding

Sometimes just a simple fold is all you need. Look at these gorgeous green plates on a light blue tablecloth with simple white napkins!

Or how about a brown napkin folded and tied with a white ribbon and a small stemmed flower tucked into the ribbon. So simple and yet it adds a nice touch to the table.

See more ideas on our website under entertaining ideas. These photos are from

Monday, April 14, 2008

Simple Centerpiece

Don't you just love simple things! This is a milk bottle carrier with old milk bottles filled with flowers from a garden. It has character, color and design. Sometimes we may fret about what to put on our tables for a centerpiece when all we have to do is look around the house for something unique to put some flowers in. You might have an old water pitcher, or a glass vase lost in the back of a cupboard somewhere...bring it out and breathe new life into it by putting it on display filled with flowers. So Simple and yet so beautiful and pleasing to the senses!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lime Green Plates

I just love these cute lime green salad plates! I bought them last year at the after Christmas sale at Pier One Imports. They not only work for Christmas and the fall season but also spring time because they look so fresh!

Paired with simple white dishes and striped lime green and turquoise place mats this table is so fresh looking.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Personalized Plates at Swoozies

You really should take a look at these personalized plates at they are just so cute! Choose from a variety of colors and themes and then the best part is you can also choose from a vast array of icons or initials to go in the center plus you can also choose fonts and your own wording to really make it something special! Not only does Swoozies carry these cute plates but all kinds of tableware, partyware, kids stuff, invitations etc... We have highlighted some of these fun things on our website at check it out!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The table is set!

Isnt' that a nice phrase..."the table is set" It means the food is about to brought to the table to be enjoyed by all. I remember growing mom would usually set a nice table with colorful placemats and napkins. Mom always used some pretty dishes. and would find some colorful flowers to use for the centerpiece. It didn't have to be extravagant ...just some flowers from the backyard or a green plant from inside the was just something to finish off the table. Looking at the table all set meant that dinner or breakfast was about to start! Eating together as a family was a part of our daily life. As we grew, mom would have either me or my brother set the table. Later on in life after my little sister was born, she also had the chance to set the table daily as well. Sitting around the table at the end of the day was nice way to hear about everyone's day. In my own home I have carried on that may not happen every night but I do try to make it happen most nights. What about you and your family?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

MacKenzie-Childs Cake stands

Don't you just love these cake stands by MacKenzie-Childs!! I have always had a fondness for this line of pottery. I love the colors, patterns and childlike playfulness this line of pottery has. I don't own any of these dishes but one day I hope to have a few pieces. They are a little on the pricey side but with all the work that goes into them I think they are worth it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My cute daughter and I were together over Easter break and we decided to play with a few things from her cupboards. We used this adorable large European square pillow case as a table cloth on her table...... We wanted to highlight the blue in the tablecloth so we scrounged around her house looking for some blue fabric and found some that worked perfectly! We then turned the fabric into some cute napkins! The woven placemats that she had added a nice texture. We also used her beautiful white dishes from Williams Sonoma and a clear glass wine goblet. This proves that you can use what you have in the house without going to the store and spending money to create a lovely table! Just be creative and use things you wouldn't normally think of the pillow case for a tablecloth! We really want to hear from you....please send us ideas and photos of things that have worked for you in setting a nice table.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How I love black and white plates!

I just love using black and white plates because they are so versatile! Tonight I used my black and white dishes that have black words all around the edges with some beautiful black and white toile salad plates (that the hubs bought me for Valentines day..Yea he is amazing!) then I set them all a top a very large yellow plate that used as a charger. I have all the plates sitting upon a textured dark dark brown placemat and it really looks nice.

I experimented a little bit with a few other ideas as you can see in the photos.

I just love using large white napkins rolled up and pushed through a cute napkin ring holder. This one is made of metal and has silverware criss-crossed..soo cute!

In this photo I used some lime green salad plates that I bought last year at the after Christmas sales from Pier 1 imports! I really love to play with fun colors and different glasses. Here I used a plain glass water goblet.

Here is our dinner table all set ready to go. Check out my other blog at

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sitting down to dinner with friends and family!

I love entertaining...whether it is for family, friends, large gatherings or a quiet romantic dinner for my husband and I. For me it is all about setting the table to make everyone feel just a little bit special. I am a plate freak!! I love all kinds especially the small salad/dessert plates because they are usually inexpensive and there are soooo many cute ones to choose from that really make a difference for your table setting! Cloth napkins...don't get me started on that....I can never have enough. My favorite are usually very large, solid and pure white stiff cotton fabric so that when you fold them...they stay in the shape you want...but I do have many in all different colors. Tablecloths....I actually don't have a ton of those but I would like to add to my collection! Silverware and goblets are another fav of mine. I do have some gold goblets, clear goblets and clear bubble glass goblets, and some large open goblets that are really fun to serve dessert in. I think I would like to get some pink goblets and maybe some cute martini glasses with a squiggly stem (even though we don't drink alcohol they are just so pretty). I also really enjoy using charger plates! I have a lot of gold ones and some deep cranberry red ones that look so nice with just plain white dishes on them! This blog will be dedicated to things beyond the regular dinner table. I will share fun ideas for centerpieces, tablecloth creativity using different fabrics, unique centerpiece ideas and tons more. If you have ideas that you can share please email me at and we can post your ideas here too!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I came across these really unique plates by Kate Spade
" Gwinnett Lane Creme" A collection that is whimsical and refined.

I love the colors! You can find these at Macy's department store.