Monday, May 5, 2008

Use what you have to set the table

My daughter, Madeline and I got out lots of my dishes, napkins, tablecloths and fabrics and played around with them to come up with many different options of how to set the table. Madeline is a photographer and took many photos of the settings so you can see what what we did.Here is black and white plates on a white table cloth with a black fabric runner going down the center of the table. A red napkin folded in what is called the "The bird of paradise fold" with a fresh white daisy in the middle of it. We also used an old clock for the centerpiece. Use interesting things that you would not normally use.

Same placesetting only
we folded the

napkin into a "fan" and
once again used the white daisy.

Using the black and white plates but putting them on dark placemat and using a white napkin with a napkin ring, it looks more formal now.

Finally we put a large yellow dinner plate underneath the black and white plate and used a printed napkin and folded it into the "rose" look and put a small radish in the middle.

We will be posting more of our ideas on our other blog at

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Meghan said...

Holy Bejeezus Batgirl!
Those black & white dishes are divine.
DIVINE I tell ya! Divine!

Totally love this blog.
You find the most amazing things to share.