Thursday, May 29, 2008

Add Color To Your Table Setting

My daughter Madeline and I start off with a simple placesetting: I used a cute beachy plastic dessert/salad plate (from Big Lots 4 for $4.99) stacked on top of a square white plate placed on an angle and then stacked on top of a large yellow plate used as a charger plate. It's o.k..... but it is just not popping for me so on to the next photo so you can see what we continue to add to make this really look great.
We have added a punch of color by using a plastic hot pink goblet with a little paper umbrella in it and we have taken the plain white napkin and put a silk flower around it for a napkin ring. I cut the flower off the long stem but left about 5 or 6 inches so I could bend it into a circle to wrap around the napkin.

More color!! I found some amazing blue tissue paper laying around the house and we decided to make a table runner from it!! We also set the other placesetting across from it and used an orange colored plastic goblet for fun. Just by adding a few simple colorful accessories, the table top now pops and it looks like a celebration is just about to happen. Have fun, be creative, try new things to make your dinner table come alive.

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Dahlia's Day said...

What a pretty place setting! With the right use of color and some creative materials, putting together a place setting can certainly be a lot of fun. For some more ideas on place settings, you can check this site out.